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The characteristics of the administration are the set of attributes or values ​​that allow it the organized and effective fulfillment of its different functions.

The different characteristics of the administration establish the very varied capacities of the science of the administration.

From that point of view, they suppose the construction of said economic and organizational field. In addition, its own characteristics facilitate the fulfillment of the duties assumed to a particular administration.

In this sense, they assume the existence of certain methods and qualities that facilitate its proper functioning, as well as the achievement of its organizational objectives.

Main features of the administration

The fact that the administration has different qualities or characteristics facilitates its management and compliance with obligations.

This mission is carried out responding to the following virtues:

  • Universality: Administrative knowledge is extensible or applicable to any field or sector. That is, to any organization, regardless of its nature, since it is multifaceted.
  • SpecificityDespite its great applicability, administration is a social science in itself and has its own tools.
  • Temporary unit: The phases of the administration are developed or executed simultaneously and dynamically in the reality of the organizations.
  • Hierarchical unit: The proper functioning of an administration requires the existence of a hierarchy or organizational structure. Through which it will be possible to establish the different obligations and administrative processes.
  • Flexibility: Administrative science is widely applicable thanks to its adaptability feature to the details of each organization or institution.
  • Interdisciplinarity: Administration, despite having its own weight as a science, requires interrelation with other disciplines such as accounting or labor relations, for example.
  • Instrumental value: Administrative knowledge is easily applicable and usable in all types of projects, companies or organizations.

In addition, and taking into account the different literature on business science or organizations, there are many other features.

Most of these respond to the new needs posed by new economic trends and the contemporary technological revolution.

The characteristics of the administration as an engine of efficiency

All these features respond to the effectiveness and efficiency goals proposed in the organizational practice that all administrative operations pursue.

For this reason, they must propose a correct management of the different resources and their productive and efficient coordination.

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